About Street Photography

26 about street photographyStreet photography is about taking candid pictures of everyday life on the streets. Is about taking pictures of people who are usually unaware of the photographer’s presence. Is about wandering the streets looking for the unusual in everyday life.
The “street”, as defined in street photography, might be a crowded market or a country lane, a park in the city or a pier at the beach, a lively cafe  or even a underground tube station .

And if there is one thing that truly defines street photography is that it is one style of photography that is difficult, if not impossible, to pre plan or stage in any manner.

What I try to achieve is to found a particular place, theme , or subject , dug deep into it, and carved out something that’s may become special in my opinion.This is my  view about Street photography.

  1. Website out of date – new one end 2015
  2. View my photo work in Flickr Widget
  3. What people believe Life on the streets It’s only about Homelessness , In my opinion this is wrong , It’s about all people being  sociable on the street , about friendship  ,to  meet new people , It’s about body language  about street events …e.t.c .One of the great things about  streets is that more things are happening, even within a small neighborhood, at any moment than any human can comprehend.

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